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Carbone e D’Angelo

Carbone e D’Angelo law firm was founded in 1978 by Sergio Maria Carbone and Andrea D’Angelo, who combined their respective complementary skills – international, Community and maritime law of the first, civil law of the second – in a professional partnership that benefited from a circulation of experiences between the practical and the academic activity which then marked the training and today characterizes the contribution also of other professionals of the Firm.

Sergio Maria Carbone was full professor in the Faculty of Law of the University of Genoa where he taught International Law, European Union Law and Maritime Law, and is now Professor Emeritus of the same University; he has held courses at the Hague Academy of International Law, he is a member of the Italian Section of Unidroit and vice president of the Italian Association of Maritime Law; he is co-editor of the Journals of International Private and Procedural Law, of International Trade Law, of Maritime Law, of EU Law.

Andrea D’Angelo was full professor in the Department of Law of the University of Genoa, where he taught Institutions of Private Law and Civil Law; he was director of the School of Legal Professions of the same University; he is co-director of the Contract Yearbook.
In the early years, the Firm in particular developed through the experience of advising large plant engineering companies engaged in the energy, conventional and nuclear, steel and transport sectors, especially with regard to the subject of national and international procurements for the construction and management of plants and infrastructures, to the business cooperation and to project finance.

Parallel and complementary to that of legal advice, there has always been an intense litigation assistance before the ordinary judicial authority and in arbitration proceedings. The appointment of members of the Firm as arbitrators for the solution of national and international disputes is also frequent.

The proximity to the company was also an opportunity for the assumption of selected positions as directors of companies and foundations.
The original and persistent Genoese rootedness of the Firm has not limited its commitment at national and international level, although the founders have oriented the growth of the professional structure of the Firm in the sense of a dimension functional to the training choices and the working method pursued.

In 2013 the Firm became an association, with the involvement of a generation of lawyers who renew its tradition according to the style and the working method learned in the years of training with Andrea D’Angelo and Sergio Maria Carbone.

Portale Purpura

A long and consolidated professional relationship led Prof. Giuseppe Benedetto Portale and Luca Purpura to found Portale Purpura Studio Legale Associato in 2016.

Giuseppe Portale, formerly full professor of Commercial Law in the Faculty of Law of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, is the author of countless publications and has continuously deepened his studies also at universities abroad, always combining a deep knowledge of domestic commercial law with the care of transnational and comparative aspects. In addition to having provided his assistance in relation to corporate and financial transactions of great importance, some of which have also marked essential milestones in the economic life of the country, Giuseppe Portale has developed, with the support of his collaborators, an extensive advice and opinion activity, recognized as excellence, on corporate, banking and financial matters, and has held the position of arbitrator and chairman of arbitration boards in numerous highly complex proceedings.

Luca Purpura, a pupil of Giuseppe Portale, of whom he was the closest collaborator for years before founding the Firm together, has always been involved in the Firm’s most delicate assignments in corporate law and, with Mr. Antonio Cacciato (who became a partner of the Firm in 2019), is a point of reference for entrepreneurs who require personalized assistance for their companies and for the management of their assets. Professor of Financial Market Law at the Milan-Bicocca University, Luca Purpura works in both the extrajudicial and judicial fields and has held the position of arbitrator and chairman of arbitration boards in multiple proceedings.

The diversification of the range of legal services offered by Portale Purpura has benefited from a deep sharing of roots and training paths, in line with the aim of consolidating, also for the benefit of clients, lasting collaborative relationships, in a framework of strong personal harmony.

Portale Purpura was born and has evolved, confirming a strong combination of professional and academic components, with a connotation that has allowed the Firm to provide assistance in relation to cases of considerable complexity, always structuring the activity to the specific needs of its selected clientele. The latter consists of medium and large companies, industrial, banking and financial, listed and unlisted, as well as, especially for profiles related to corporate civil liability, by individuals.

The care of the fiduciary relationship with clients, and of the strictest confidentiality in the handling of the matters pertaining to the same, have represented core and founding values ​​of Portale Purpura.